I'd very much like to greet everyone with a very Happy Easter! Christ has risen, now let's all have a party, since he has saved us from evil. Have you gone to church yet and have a high five with our great saviour?

'kay, so, this long weekend I accompanied my sister to some parks at Jakarta. She wants to join a photography competition, and the theme is Jakarta town parks. So, last Saturday we went to two parks at Central Jakarta, Taman Menteng and Taman Suropati.

I've been to Suropati once, with my friends. I loved that park, many trees, pigeons, kids, I love it. That time, the park was full with couples. Freakin' couples (yes, I hate couples alot, especially local couples which is just fckin ridiculous for me). I didn't take lot of photos, my sister did. Since it was full of couples, my sister got so grumpy, and asked my father to bring us to somewhere else which has lot of good photo view, not only the fckin freakin couples.

So we went to Taman Menteng. I never been there before, but... it wasn't that bad. Well, that day, seems like lots of people came to the park with the same reason as my sister. Photography. But these guys were funny, the brought some girls as models, and a Ducati. Red Ducati. I was lucky, to spot one freakin' cool Ducati at a park. I wasted my time watching the Ducati girls photography session, while my sister wandered around the park, looking for nice shots. I was enjoying my time, when my youngest brother (5 y.o) came to me and asked me to accompany him to have some shoot for himself. I thought he was just like my sister, he loves to shoot everything with camera. So I left the Ducati, and wandered around the park with him and took some shoots. Here's some by him.

pretty little flower

flower family

gorgeous red

Those are the pictures that my brother took. Pretty good, eh? He used my camera, a Sony pocket cam. Well, in the next post I will upload some pics taken by me, and maybe some of my sister's.

If you have pictures of your parks, you may upload them too! I'd very much like to take a look at 'em! Ciao!

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