As a conscious misanthrope, I hereby declare that human is the source of my misery.

Exaggerating, isn't it? GAG.

I don't hate human that much actually, I just can't stand them.

Last long weekend, I went to a small town somewhere in East Java. I just want to leave Jakarta's riot which I assume as the main source of my stress. Together with Mom, we went on last Thursday.

The trip was kinda fun, I enjoy every place that we visited there, except for some places that were crowded. I couldn't help but to oppress my desire to kick everyone around me. I didn't know why, but I found that they were annoying. Everything they did, said, even their laugh, it annoyed me to the highest level. Rather than having an ease of mind, I got stressed even more.

I think, to be completely sane and calm, I have to go somewhere that has no people at all. Knowing that it's impossible, so I lower my standard to a place that's not crowded at all. If there should be people there, I wish for the ones who got class and attitude, so they won't bother me. People with no attitude kill me more.

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